About Cancer Charities in the UK

Cancer is a condition which affects many people in all walks of life, but as yet has no definitive cure, only treatments which have varying degrees of success.
Fortunately, there are many charities and organisations researching the disease. Unfortunately, many of these do not receive a lot of funding for their good work, and so have to rely on public donations to be able to continue their noble work.

Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund

The cancer relief macmillan fund is another large charity which provides nurses to those in pain from cancer and in need of looking after. The charity aims to make their life more comfortable and improve its quality, and supports over 1000 nurses.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer research UK is a cancer research organisation which is largely kept running through the volume of its volunteer supporters. The organisation seeks to run large charity campaigning events in order to give cancer and the need to cure it a high profile among the public.
Cancer Research UK seeks to support both patients and families by offering advice on types of treatments, how to cope with the disease,  and trials and research. The organisation also offer advice to everybody, with tips on how to prevent cancer and spot the signs of the disease early.

Prostate Cancer Charity

A shocking 12,000 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, making the Prostate Cancer Charity both relevant and highly important. Established in 1996, the charity seeks to make the public more aware of the condition and fund research into this type of cancer.
The charity has various ways of helping cancer patients, such as with a confidential helpline for those who need information or solace. The fully equipped website also provides a page for making donations as well as information on prostate cancer masterclasses and how you can get involved in fundraising.

Leukaemia Research Fund

Leukaemia is a type of cancer affecting many adults and children, and is still unfortunately claiming lives. The Leukaemia Research Fund works on a national scale to give funds to researches of this type of cancer, as well as to provide information on the disease to the public.

Cancer Care Society

The Care Society is a essentially a support network set up in the UK to offer guidance, counselling and support to those who have cancer or are affected by cancer in their lives. The charity provides information from health information and insurance advice, to beginning a career in nursing.

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