Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie is a long standing, well known organisation providing services and information to cancer sufferers. The charity employs nearly three thousand healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, to provide advice, care and treatment to many cancer patients across the UK.

In the United Kingdom there are thousands of terminally ill cancer patients who need care and support. Marie Curie Cancer Care provide hospices for these patients should they need it, as well as a strong support network for both the patient and their family.

Marie Curie Cancer Care is not limited to cancer, but helps people with other terminal or life limiting illnesses. This is done by providing nurses to care for people in their own homes when they are coming to the end of their lives. Not only this, but the services Marie Curie provide are free for all.#

Marie Curie's Vision

Marie Curie envision catering all cancer patients' needs and caring for them in their own home, should they wish. The charity pledges to put the needs of its patients first, by providing the highest standard of care, and refuting this with research and new ways to help patients. Marie Curie also vow to share any information it knows about the condition in order to help find a cure as soon as possible.

Marie Curie Supporting the Choice To Die At Home

Marie Curie believe in the patients right to choose to be at home at the end of their life, rather than in a hospital. Having researched the issue, they found that most people, given the choice, would rather be cared for at home and pass away there in comfort.

Currently, most people with cancer die in hospital, which many people do not wish to do as the environment is not as comforting. Marie Curie now have a campaign called 'Supporting the Choice to Die at Home', which has had a high profile and proven popular, gaining much attention from patients and politicians alike.
Fortunately, the government have taken notice of the campaign and are developing an End of Life Care Strategy in conjunction with healthcare professionals and charity representative. As well this there are now strategies to improve the quality of care at the end of life within the next few years.

The Great Daffodil Appeal

Marie Curie are often known by their symbol, the daffodil. This can be seen in many places, such as Marie Curie daffodil patches, often planted in noticeable places such as roundabouts in order to attract attention to the charity.
Every year Marie Curie also run the Great Daffodil Appeal in order to raise money through a variety of fundraising events. Fundraising events include their effort to get donations of time, so that people give an hour to collect money. The charity also produce daffodil pins so that once you have donated you can show your support for the charity. The appeal has raised a high profile and is often supported by celebrities who care for the cause.